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Inspirational Women of the Century
Come As You Could Party

 Friday October 26, 2012: Before the winds of hurricane Sandytouched down on our city, this past Friday the Girls Prep PTA board held an unofficial Halloween party in our [temporary] school gym, to break the monotony of the wretched school days. Students who participated had to choose a costume from the inspiring theme Women of the Century, in order to party. Girls Prep scholars had bold and strong options from Maya Angelou, Katherine Dunham, Judith Jamison, Hillary Clinton, Cleopatra, Michelle Obama and many more to impersonate for the afternoon!

What was even more inspiring was, when 8th Grader, Reyana M. decided to come and yours truly! Days before she made the announcements "Ms. LeBlanc I'm coming as YOU!", but I called this young woman's bluff until she showed up in the signature Blazer, DIY chunky necklace, excessive bracelet collection and donut bun on Friday afternoon. It was one of the most flattering moments of my career and the highlight of her afternoon, to have my approval. 

Take a look!

 Check out her fierce pose. Fabouche!

The party was a huge success and the girls had a complete carnival style atmosphere to roam free in. Hair color station, Nail Polish booth, food, drink, cup cakes and much much more!
It was a great way to end the weekend before being couped up indoors with the harrowing winds of Hurricane Sandy tapping our windows and doors 

While we patch NYC back together, view more moments of our exciting party this past week, by visiting the Girls Prep website.


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