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Ms. Lauryn Hill
The Re-education of...

I've noticed a few new photo's pop up weekly of, what seems to be recent, nightly performances around the country from our favorite, most awaited comeback, the most bittersweet voice, the lost soul, the tumulted personal life of, the most misunderstood, the most talented, the empress, the Zionist, the eastern star, the refugee, the fuggee, the one who educated and the one who will prove MS. LAURYN HILL!
A lot of folks out here can have an opinion on Lauryn Hill from everything to her recent behavior, her anti industry song writing skills, her personal relationships, her alleged bi-polar disorder, but you can never deny the HOLD this woman took on you if your souls connected through the real message in her music. 

If were anywhere between the ages of 11-17 between the years of 1995-2000. When footage surfaced of her bombing on the Apollo stage at 12 y.o. or  maybe as a 17 y.o. girl running through the Jungles in some Gortex and sweats/Making tracks like she Homeless, in "Ready or Not". But then became a young mom, at 23 when no one knew she even had a boyfriend. All of this happening while being a trailblazer in the hip-hop industry during the mid-late 90's

If your thirst was anything like mine, to go deeper into this soul who lyrically touched you so much, then you ARE aware of the TRUTH behind Lauryn Hill and seriously DID NOT entertain all the silly rumors, over the years. I truly cannot WAIT until she starts to speak more---and EXPOSE the bastards that tarnished her name---I digress.

Lately Ms. Lauryn Hill has, in fact, been a part of some financial fall back to where Uncle Sam is knocking at her door. I'm not sure if that's why brother Nas prompted to invited her on tour this year--- or maybe he just needed another sensible Artist with him---- but it's working! Ms. Lauryn is selling out ballrooms state by state, bringing her fly Bohemian chic style back to the mainstream (and look, it's like mine!) and brought out those tunes that made us cry over the years.

I cannot wait until Ms. Lauryn comes to NYC to light up Webster Hall or some place, because I need to be there front and center singing along, and throwing up my finger gun sign saying BUP, BUP!!! LICK SHOT!!
No, but on a serious note, the inner core of this woman is a divine purity sent from God. The World needs her sound, her message, her truth. Similar to who Bob Marley was and what he did through his music
Take a look at our Fly Ms. Lauryn Hill on a different night of her "Nas & Ms. Lauryn Hill" tour, looking happy, all smiles and messy & fly!

(I just love droopy means-wear on skinny girls, it works so well! Think Denise from the Cosby Show ;)

 Performing at the Palladium Ballroom in Texas. 

 Fan photos via Instagram.

Lauryn  at an event 2012

 Lauryn Luh the kids!

In a Babydoll ensemble. Her legs are still awesome

Ms. Lauryn attending, friend, Chris Lightey's, memorial service this past summer 2012.

Ms. Lauryn semi-exposing "those bastards" . hmmm mmmhh


Ms. Lauryn can you please, please, please record this

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