Rihanna x Kate Moss

11:00 AM

Rihanna & Kate Moss for V magazine
S&M Style

Rihanna has had an awesome past few weeks, hosting her 1st anual Halloween party,  performing at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, releasing her 7th in-studio album tracklist---which features a few controversial collabO's ;)--- and the latest teaming up with Kate Moss for this month issue of V Magazine, channeling her inner S&M dominatrix [like normal]

Rihanna put on her high fashion A-game [as normal] and set this spread on fire with the 90's veteran "Heroin Chic" supermodel, herself, Ms Kate Moss; one who's she paved the way for Amazons like, Ri-Ri to strut freely

The 2 got awfully close, touchy feely, spanking, whipping and lord knows what else after the camera stop clicking....hmmm, these are notorious separately let along together.... but I do like this spread, tastefully shot by Mario Testino. So go pick up the issue of V mag and plaster these tears all over your wall.

I know I will!  

  M absolute fav! 
Rihanna's ButtBooty Naked under all that Moss!!

Rihanna releases her (hand written) tracklist via Instagram.

Thursday 11/9/12
 Her hand writting is totally bad ass, like MINE!!

Album art for her 7th in-studio album, Unapologetic

Rihanna's Looks for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 12'

Wednesday 11/8/12

Rihanna before stepping out to her Halloween Part
Wednesday 10/31/12 As "Mary Jane"

 Footage from Victoria's Seceret Fashion Show

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