Vintage Haul

11:08 AM

Vintage Haul: FOUR!
The Golf Sweater Edition
"Sewing Tigers on my shirt/and Alligators/You wanna see the inside?/HA!/I'll see ya later"
                                                                            -- Biggie Smalls

8 days after Hurricane Sandy touched down on NYC, Mother Nature decided to surprise the crap out of us, with a noreaster, nicely packaged in 4 inches of Jack Frost.....smh I just CANT!.....Yes, I needed a few sweaters, but trucking through ankle deep slush right away was not optional. I needed a breather....I spotted a vintage store....inside I went....

 Royal Blue (sorry camera color is a little off)

  Canary Yellow (sorry camera color is a little off)


 Remember this cute little guy on all of your shirts as a kid, wo knew that a bunch of rich guys played gold and tennis in these sweaters all the time!

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