The DONEtember Issue

10:30 AM

Vogue without Anna Wintour: The DONEtember issue
By Guest Blogger: Kimiko Mckenzie

Not many people thought this day would come, but there are talks about Anna Wintour becoming a U.S. Ambassador representing Great Britain or France. Apparently she's great at raising money and President Barack Obama possibly wants to make his staff a little bit trendy...As if Michelle wasn't enough inspiration.

It has been said that Ms.Wintour has raised $500,000 during this past campaign for our President to be re-elected. Who wouldn’t want someone like that on their team, huh?!

Vogue Magazine on the other hand, will it be the same without having Madame Wintour as the Editor-in-Chief? will it falter under style diversity or will it remain as the Queen of all trends?  I’m pretty sure whomever is worthy of the pressure filled position will do an awesome job.  Many people may think Vogue wont do as well because Anna Wintour’s name will no longer be attached but I think it will do just fine.  And if not, even better because having someone new can create new energy for the magazine and will continue to create more great Fashion memories that will go down in history.  If Anna Wintour does, in fact, take the job as a US Ambassador---great career move if you're in to global domination and elitism--- but her name will always and forever will be a part of the culture, lifestyle and language for many of us, we've grown to know as Vogue MagazineAny thoughts?


Kimiko McKenzie
Biology Major
University of Alabama

                                                                      Ms. LeBlanc
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