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Snowflakes For The New Year

Since the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary occurred on Friday 12/14, our hearts have gone out in many different ways, for the families, students and staff of Newton Connecticut. This news shook up many young scholars across the country, including my girls over at Girls Prep Middle School. Students would ask a ton of questions to fulfill their frightening thoughts however after a day or 2, their bravery began to surface wanting to send letters to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Below is a beautiful project that has been created by the Connecticut PTSA. They have requested that people make snowflakes to fill the new school space they will occupy later this month...since my GPMS family knows a little something about moving to a new school space in the middle of the year....I can appreciate this project.

Please  feel free to SHARE with your school family, mentoring groups, after-school programs and own children (if applicable).
For My Brooklyn Babes & Beau Dandy's if you have some time this weekend and need a fab activity, please submit any completed snowflakes to me no later than Sunday January 6th. (Conencticut PTSA Deadline = January 12th) You know how to find me!

NOTE: Feel free to have the girls write brief notes with caring sentiments (please check for appropriateness), and sign them appropriately.

Below are links on how to make snowflakes!

Thanks Guys ;)

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