Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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NYFW Fall 2013
It's that Time of Year Again...

....That time when NYC becomes turnt -up with the showcasing of our most talented Designers from around the globe. The time when Stylists, Fashionista's,Photographers, Stylista's, Wanna-be's and all the outlandish in-between, who inhabits the style world, come together with full creative collective energy. It's an unspoken language that some people share. It's a secret handshake that we all know, and it's the unprecedented amount of SWAG that exudes from any figure who feels CONFIDENT in his/her/it's personal stylish.

Below you will find the weekly schedule, of shows that are featured in the tents. Be sure to check back with Closet Jane and Ms. LeBlanc ---As I will try to upload as many of my faves as possible, including the shows that I will be working (so far I have secured Moncler Grenoble! Always fun. 3 years strong. not listed on schedule)--- I will appear to be sitting front and center, again, this year bringing you a daily play by play of the new trends for our fall season.

As always, I'm anxious to see what "experts" have to say for our new "trends" next season, but I am really looking forward to the BEST part of fashion week in my hometown: the STREET HEARTS in their street style; they (we) ALWAYS do it better!

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