While We Were Gone...

10:34 AM

There Was a Brunch #2
Bed-Stuy Brunch Club with the INC....

The Homies of Indigo Hippie Co. (fellow collaborating collective and creative crew) hosted brunch #2 for the year. It was centered around Soul Food and healthy eating. AFter screening the award winning Documentary, by Byron Hurt, titled Soul Food Junkies, we discussed the comforts of Soul Food and our traditions as a people and new ways we can start eating healthy and changing the habits in our communities---while keeping our traditions alive. Very Impactful.

Host: Dash & Nikki of Indigo Hippie Co. and Kaiqwon of MABK (Mobile Apps BK)

It was even cooler because my BX Babes [Millz & Lee] came aaaaaaalllll the way to Bed-Stuy to hang with the Brooklyn Bombshell. Moi. One of my favorite, most eccentric Aunties came out too....Some of you have seen her before.....she's just an older more distinguished version of myself and a joy to be around any age group (all the 30 & 20 something's sure did like her around)

Check out our Bed-Stuy Brunch Club...

 BX Babes Millz & Lee....I love that Millz is repping BK all the way "I wanna be a Groupie"
 Aunt Michaela aka "Auntie Chic-Chic"

 THE HOST: Indigo Hippe Co. and Mobile Apps BK

Two Style Visionaries : Nikki Zoe Vickers and Ms. LeBlanc

To follow with the theme of "cleaner" eating, the menu served up a healthier version of soul food

See you at the next one, every 3rd Sunday

Ms. LeBlanc
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