DJ B. Hen: Hollywood's Champion of New Sound

6:39 PM

DJ B. Hen's in NYC!

Bravo TV: Millionaire Matchmaker

This week is full of reality TV excitement!  If you Tuned in to Bravo TV, just yesterday Tuesday March 26th then you saw my buddy, my baby, DJ B-Hen as he spinned for Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's celeb studded birthday bash! Go behind the scenes with these two videos, as B-Hen shares his experience in preparation for the night.

Millionaire Matchmaker
(aired) Tues March 26th
9pm EST / 8C

Go Behind the scenes...

While I love to celebrate in a friends success, it's even more important to keep the levels of love alive too...can't wait to hug him.....DJ B. Hen is touching down in NYC as we speak to do a line-up of NYC events next week. 

Starting with an event tonight (Wednesday) Followed by....

Stay tuned for a full recap!

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