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LOOKS By LeBlanc
Past looks of personal style

I realize that I do not use MY BLOG as a platform for my personal style as often as I should. With Smartphones running our lives, and a faster way to connect, I often just forget to upload to the dollhouse. tisk, tisk tisk!

never too late, so here goes....

"Collegiate Friday": Harvard U Hoodie, Grey Skinny's, Brown Oxfords.
HAIR: Vintage Victory Roll

 Turquoise [strong shoulder] Blazer, Wide leg slacks, Black/White Vintage striped belt.

 "SNOW BUNNIE" Vintage LaCoste Golf Sweater, All Black Everything, DIY Faux Fur Halo

 COLOR BLOCKING: Mustard Corduroy Blazer, Royal Blue Skinny's, White button down shirt. all by H&M
Hair: Donut Bun #NaturalHair

WHO RUN THE WORLD: Red Oragne Blazer, by H&M, Wide leg Black slacks, Laffayette 148 tee, Brown Oxfords.
Hair: Vintage Victory Rolls

KINDNESS DAY 2/14: Vintage Victorian draped sweater, White detailed skinny's by Sean Jean, Mijourne statement Necklace.
Hair: Victory Roll & Bun
Nails: DIY Jane Nails ft. Leopard Trail

Stripped Chiffon blouse, Black skinny's, gold on black accents , vintage leather belt.
Hair: Curly Air dry

[reverse] COLOR BLOCKING: Mustard skinny pant, Royal Blue throw over, printed leggings, Brown oxfords, Aztec print scarf.
Hair: Curly Air dry

I consider my personal style very simple and classic yet progressive and avant garde. In my current line of work I cannot be AS daring as I feel inside so instead I accessorize my ass off. Something I pride myself on being GREAT AT!

Your personal style is who you truly are without ever conforming to the trends, it should be what only makes you feel comfortable as your wearing. When your'e comfortable and being yourself, you'll look pretty fly in just about EVERYTHING!
at least that's how I feel, Apparently I never have on  a "bad outfit" ;)

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