Up close & Personal with ME!

10:30 AM

Muse Mode.TV
with Ms. LeBlanc, Milagros & Jae Verai

This weekend was an official Saturday style hang out while working, playing dress-up and laughing all day was exactly what we did while doing what we loved----still praying and daydreaming of those days to come soon---- I had the opportunity to help build my friend, Juanita aka Jae Verai's dream of starting her fashion Vlog series (of introducing creative artist with her new show and soon-to be Vlog) Muse Mode.TV where I was her first interview, woot, woot!!! OoWw go me!

After many years of being awesome friends (we met in the Lobby of Whillemena Modeling agency almost 10 years ago) we had a ton of fun reminiscing and learning new things about each other as well as adding project #3 of working together, under our belt.

We filmed in, Designer & friend, Nadine Machado's Milagros Clothing Design studio in Jersey City, NJ and the day went on with a 3 segment interview. After hair and make-up set in....not to mention minor technical difficulties.....we built a vision board together, I styled myself and transformed a look from Day to Night and continued Kee-Keeing, which was a natural part of the process.

Ms. LeBlanc

Thanks to Jae and with her line of questioning she reminded me that I truly AM a Style Architect. She's called me a "chameleon", in this industry but I've had the pleasure of watching her dip and dive through the world of modeling, music and acting. I think the smooth landing of  "Style Broadcasting" is exactly where she needs to be! ;)

Ms. Jae Verai

I can't wait to see the official final product but in the mean time, check out some behind the scenes footage!

Segment #1: The Interview

 Segment #2: Styling
 Nadine Machado

Segment #3: Vision Board

A look at Ms. LeBlanc's Past with Milagros

 That's me up there!!

Here's a look at past projects Jae & I worked on together.

Press Kit Shoot 2009
Jae Verai

Shades of Beauty March 2010
The 1st event I produced and Hosted, Jae was the Headline Artist to be featured at the event.

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