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Jazzma Kendrick  

I just love a new face, a new IT Girl, a new brown beauty to stay connected with and while surfing the rumor-mill this week I came across a headline that read: "Supermodel Naomi's Ex moves on to the next BLACK woman". It peeked my pop culture interest and once I clicked the link open I became way less interested in what could be yet another 'old white billionaire pimps out another  young black beauty', after seeing the statuesque chocolate beauty with killer abs

I immediately hit the Google-mill to see about Ms. Jazzma Kendrick. A 5'11", 23 year old Glamazon hailing from Miami, Florida. She has an amazing mixture of a rounded (brown girl) curves mixed with runway length  to complete any fashion job. Ms. Kendrick seems to be very experienced in fashion modeling (although I'm not sure if she even has representation yet). And, as a new comer, swimsuit seems to be her claim to fame booking 3 shows for up and coming designers last season (that's pretty damn good!)

She totally reminds me of someone. A important piece of my life. My darling sister-cousin soon to be next See!

However, with a new come-up wallet to stay connected to and the static growing into more of a buzz this summer, I have a feeling Jazzma will be next seasons muse hitting all of the runways between New York, Milan and Paris.

She appears to be super sweet (like all the young brown model girls I just love) and I hear she is very down to earth. I hope I get to work, meet or just hang with her pretty soon....before she blows! (up). Either way ill be staying connected and blogging from the side. So here's one model worth watching remember Closet Jane told ya first! (or maybe second or something....I did have to get the pix from somewhere ;)

Ms 305: 'round the way girl....
Taken from Jazzma's Instagram profile: @Jazzma

Check out her fashion file...

(I too was shot by Itasha Jordan for Free Magazine! She's dope)
Noooo....but this BODY though!


Oh, and we all know that Auntie Na can do NO wrong. But ummm....NO, , I'm sorry she ISN'T a "dead ringer" for Naomi Campbell. Jazzma Kendrick does NOT LOOK LIKE Naomi Campbell and NO, sporting a black cap, maxi extensions and brown skin does not equate to a like alike. ALL BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK ALIKE!

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