Move Your Body, May 2013

2:24 PM

Lets Move!
nuff said.....

Here we go again! This month  at Girls Prep middle school, we had the opportunity to "do the Duggie" like the first lady and "snap for the kids" like Beyonce. Our awesome Phys Ed. Teacher, Kristine, sought out the opportunity for all of our girls to get up and move in a very fun way: working out while singing along to King Bey. Now, who isnt gonna love that?!

Not only did the ENTIRE school learn the routine within 48 hrs. (as if they hadn't already, since last summer) but we literally sprouted UP in the middle of the school day to just move! Like Michelle advocates and Beyonce demonstrates.

Learn more about Lets Move! initiative in partnership with Wat-aah!

The girls had an awesome time, dancing, working out and  forgetting their left from right! The staff also had fun just taking a much needed brain break. It was also nice to click the Instagram hashtag #MoveYourBody and see this unfolding simultaneously in schools across the country.

Check out some of the action shots and behind the scenes with a few students and my awesome Operations team!

The SOUL of the School: The Mighty Operations TEAM!
Ms. Lee, Ms. Raisa, Ms. Miller, Ms. Christopher and Ms. LeBlanc!
Ms. Miller & Ms. Lee giving a "Quiet Coyote"= school language
Director of Operations, Emilee C. Guidance Counselor: Emily G. & School Aide: Tiffani
(oh shoot, that rhymes!)
Again, SOUL!
 Physical Education and Fitness Department Extraordinaire, Ms. Ferreira!
Ms. Ferreira leading the pack!
OMG! Can someone say EXCITEMENT!!
Clap fo' day Kids, Clap fo' da Kids
Clap fo' dem suckas, few times!
Ms. LeBlanc

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