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Jordan Dunn, Pinkberry x Girls Prep
Teacher Appreciation Week.

As Teacher Appreciate Week came to a close, NYC felt the rays of sunshine after hours of drab weather only days before.
Despite the grey side of spring lingering around the city, the Girls Prep community continued to do what we do best: spreading love with one random act of kindness and appreciation at a time (C'mon it's an all girls school) Anagram artwork, awards, love notes, Cuban lunch treats even a baby shower!

On Friday myself and fellow Educators--my sisters of the "big" Operations team--treated the lovely students of the "baby" Operations team to a Pinkberry outting during 9th period.

"Baby Ops"
"Big Ops"
As an awesome reward for displaying responsibility and being model students on campus we bonded with our girls during this sunny frozen yogurt stroll. Upon returning to the school for dismissal we interrupted the lunch of Supermodel, super mom and fellow super girl, Jourdan Dunn! Continuing their brigade of kindness and appreciation my girls swooped right in and gave me the gift I teach them everyday: confidence, support and purpose to talk to Jourdan which landed the group an awesome photo opt.

The day and week could not have ended any better. I am very grateful to have met Jourdan, a model whom I admire and who has graced the pages of my blog twice before, here! and here!. She was as humble and as sweet as I ever imagined. But getting to spend more time with the students of Girls Prep was the ultimate reward, as the school year winds down this week was just the beginning of the many reminders, set to unfold, of the true importance of being an Educator.

Check out more images of our quick yet fun filled outing!
"THESE CHICK RIGHT HERE!" I will smack a trick fo'
My 5 Min. with Jourdan!
 She's totally a hugger like me!!
Baby Ops: 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls of GPMS.
 SO happy they don't have to sit in Skill Building during 9th Period
Ms. Miller meets Jourdan 
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