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It's a Wrap! Party
The wrap up

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting my 3rd event in Brooklyn. A Wrap Party! A Wrap Party, you say?! yep, a Wrap Party. After,sitting in a small focus group with Sunshine Malone, last month, my close friends and I jumped on the entrepreneur train and into the tunnel of beauty distribution. Starting with Jodie, we introduced others to a new life changing healthy applicator: the itWorks BodyWraps!
Hostess: Jodie, Myself, Andrea

Want to know about this crazy wrap thing, find out more here!

Simplicity Wine Bar & Lounge-- located on Malcolm X. Blvd-- was gracious enough to host our event on the rainy and cold memorial Saturday, as fellow team member and distributor, Andrea (Visit Her!) wrapped her guests Jodie ( Visit Her!) informed us on the variety of other products. Closet Jane vintage products were also on sale as we nibbled on cheese, crackers and sipped a sparkly variety of wines.
In the coming days, I will gladly become a distributor and open up to my network of friends looking to jump start a very fit and healthy life. In the mean time check out all the fun we had:

My family, my friends, my TEAM!
going strong since eeerrrrr....97' maybe. ;)

The Set-up
Wrapping Chemist hard at work!

  Some of our Guests
Some of our lovely guests included
Kim A. of Coily Mommy & the City, Scherrie of ThirtyMommy, Lifestyle Photographer Jeff of Techie NYC and more. (don't ya just love Ms. Hillman)
SO BROOKLYN: TechieNYC is always in the building!
LOOK by LeBlanc
Dress: Vintage Print Dress from L-Train Vintage L.E.S. $10.00
Belt: Vintage turquoise cloth belt, hand sewn  by mom
Shoes: Turquois Leather Wedges by Steve Madden (I've had these shoes for AGES!)
LeBlanc FaBouche!
What's left of FierceRumors retro inspired tees are very much still apart of my brand.
However, they will discontinue after this summer, making room for signature tees.
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