Closet Jane. Facelift #3

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New Blogger Header

Summer 13' Change
Over the years, the Closet Jane dollhouse has had several facelifts and banner changes. I normally don't "plan" this change, instead I simply get inspired, lock myself away in a room and get busy in Creative Suite. Below is the most recent spruce up for the summer season, but take a look at of Closet Jane blog banners of the past.

[Official] Blog Launch: WINTER 2010

SPRING 2011: Ft. "Jane Mini" Bloggers: Danny Sunshine & Ms. Shani


TODAY: JUNE 2013 (with a Font change)
Tell me what you think?

This change will accompany a ton of projects this summer and a new department: Personal Shopping & Styling service-- launching July 1st, 2013. Stay tuned for summer happenings, more vintage findings, events, production and check back soon to find out more details on how you can take part in the personal shopping & style service

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