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"Trenchtown Rock" pt2
Trench Coats x Personal Style ft. My favorite Girls!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article highlighting the trench coat spring trend in "Trenchtown Rock". revisit article here. After I published the article, NYC was then littered with every type of coat that made my list. Some of those styles were right here in the same building as me! Here's a look at other trench coats worn by some of my favorite girls over at GPMS: My co-workers!

Before we hang up our coats and get ready for the summer, take a look at some stylish Educator buds of mine rockin' their trenches with effortless personal style in the "length" & "color" departments, as stated in the previous article:

Ms. [Aubrey] Hetzsneker, Art Instructor
in a purple trench, paired with combat inspired rain boots

  Ms. Raisa, Office Manager
wearing a traditional trench....but SHORT!

Ms. [Emilee] Christopher, Director of Operations
in a red number adorned with gold buttons!

Ms. [Kara] Buckley, 5th/8th Science
Rockin' her Green ever so stylishly

Ms. [Kinna] LeBlanc.....


So there they are, in all of their fabulositiy. With a rainy spring season winding down, we may get the chance to wear our trenches for ONE more solid week  day before it's time to break out the denim shorts! :p


Ms. LeBlanc

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