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Sasha Obama 
NYC Spotting!
The chubby, baby-faced Michelle clone we once aww'd over as she smiled and waved, shyly back at crowds, securely placed between her long & lean parents back in 2008 is growing day by day into a svelte stunner at just 12 years old.

Like her older sister Malia, Sasha has a blend of both parents (leaning more to Michelle's side ) good looks and height to match, Slowly blossoming into a true beauty. What could this future hold for the youngest of the Obama brood. Women in Technology like Chelsea Clinton? A Model & international womens rights leader like Lauren Bush? A natural hair rocking Analyst like Melissa Harris Perry? A stylista & Educator like Kinna LeBlanc?! ;)
Either way, like her older sister, with (what's blossoming into) stunning looks 

Splash News/Daily News reports

Sasha Obama was spotted out and about in New York Monday walking around SoHo and shopping in various stores.

Sasha Obama, the President’s 12-year-old daughter, took to the hot New York streets Monday, combing SoHo boutiques for trendy new outfits.
Obama, fresh off a trip through Europe with her older sister, Malia, and her fashion-savvy mother, First Lady Michelle Obama, was, this time, accompanied by a few friends and a 20-person security detail.
Obama, 12, was accompanied by a 20-person security detail.

Obama, 12, was accompanied by a 20-person security detail.

The youngest Obama was seen sporting jean shorts and a black T-shirt as temperatures approached a blistering 100 degrees in New York on Monday.

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