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Kickball Tournament x Canned Food

This past Saturday was full day of laughter, friends, bbq's and KICKBALL! The LeBoheme squad paired up with the Brooklyn Good Guys, CDTBK, LFANT and Indigo Boys for the first round of Hunger Games: canned and boxed food donations for the Bed-Stuy campaign against hunger. 

As we gathered inside 
of Bed-Stuy's Von King Park for a fun afternoon of  Kickball, 3 legged race, sack race and other traditional games the donation efforts rolled in, cleets were put on and the rule/score sheet came out---- uh-oh! this isn't going to be your average Brooklyn game of, who googled the rules?!----The intensity that followed for the next 4 hours brought out sportsmanship and teamwork as our team gained 75 points off of donations alone. Boom!

Check out team photos, all the fun we had and the donations that made this day so much more worth it....

ma, ma, ma MY TEAM BAD! Team LeBoheme!
Zoe and the boys showing of the goods!
Lamar, Corece, Zoe and Jason

The preparation for 3-legged race....can you FEEL the intensity!

Lamar, ready to come on home!

"Mean Muggin" with M. 
"C'mon Son!" with Ms. LeBlanc

Made new friends! With Ms. Mahelia
" Made a new friend . We bonded over our colorful, print-rich outfits & eyeliner. "You pretty much go where the wind blows!" True."
Make sure you check her out @TheStyleBroker

Ms. LeBlanc

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