JANE MONDAYS: My visit to the Wendy Show!

7:00 AM

Wendy Williams x Ms. LeBlanc!

Last week I went to visit the Wendy Williams Show and had a great experience! I've been Wendy follower since 10 years old and can remember listening to Hot 97, New York's premiere hip hop and R&B station daily, on my older brothers stereo. I would hear the #1 Gossip self proclaimed "Queen of All Radio" for 5 hours, as she bounced around to different tri-state area stations, for the last 20 years of my life. It was nice to see how far Wendy has come in her career. It was also nice to see how beautiful and sociable she was in person too. 

The Wednesday taping with two of my girlfriends had its perks, on top of getting an opportunity to see some real behind the scenes daytime TV action we had a good time partying during commercial breaks, with Marco Glorious and getting a visit for celebrity Make up Artist Mally Roncal. She showed us how to tighten up our summer make-up looks and also left us a little gift.

Roll that beautiful bean footage...
Audience Producer Marco Glorious, best hype man in NYC!
At just 5'11" she's not THAT much taller than me ;)
Good times with Aleshia and Latoya!

Mally Roncal, Celebrity Make-up Artist left us a little gift.

Chic clutch-like design

Mally's summer make-up kit came with Waterproof Eyeliner (Black), Lip-gloss, Blush, Eyeshadow and Voluminous Mascara

Cute packaging

 Summer Natural: BB Cream (Dark), Concealor, Mally Roncal's Voluminous Mascara, Water Proof Eyeliner, Lipgloss

Mally Roncal's Lip gloss


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