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Bejeweled a sheer Cardigan/throw. Before and After

Spring 2010 (Disregard the work credentials and attire. Booo)

About 2 Spring seasons ago I copped a loose throw, sheer, cardigan thingy (I don't know what its really called) and it was at the start of the "drappy & sheer" trend. I began wearing my rose pink, cotton semi-sheer throw with everything between the start of the Spring 2010 season into the end of summer. She went with just about every chosen color palette, of the moment, Grey's, Blacks Browns and others.

Spring 2010. After work Grey & Black color palette

Our love affair began to flourish and then with a simple stroke of maintenance I decided to wash her---At no point did I think a separate, solo, delicate bubble bath would be the only thing that she needed; so I threw her in the wash with all the other common pieces---and no looking back.

It's now fall, she is packed up and displaced for 6 months and moved away from any chicness  known As Ms. LeBlanc. Out of sight, Out of mind. 
Fast forward to settling into a new apartment and unpacking all of the "whatever happened to..." pieces. A reignited love affair between myself and Miss. Rose Pink Sheer Throw began. But she looks a little different now, a little battered and bruised; and as I looked closely I noticed the worse thing in the world: Moth like to Dime like sized holes riddled through every corner of Miss Rose Pink.

My heart sank, was it the tumble cycle of the washing machine, the 6 months in a dark suitcase, my neglect?? Answers. now! but then I realized that when it comes to fashion and style, there are no time for answers. Only solutions and new looks.
So time to think fast----simple because, I was not ready to part with Miss Rose Pink Sheer Throw. No, no hunni. After I gathered myself and cared nothing for "answers" I immediately began to think fast, relocated to my "box of tricks"---aka CRAFTS KIT ---and figured out what could replace these moth sized holes....JEWELS and SEQUINS of course!

Here is the end result after fetching my needle, thread and magna-tact fabric glue. Hmm mmh...don't mess with a craft queen! 
LOOK By LeBlanc 

  New and improved Miss Rose Pink Sheer Throw....BE-JEWLED!

Yeah these little shiny spots were all different sized HOLES!!


Ms. LeBlanc

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