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How I wore it: LOOK by LeBlanc

This past weekend, we celebrated PRIDE in NYC and my sister-in-law came to town to celebrate the way New Yorker's do. Since I am still fresh off of working the school circuit, my mind is a little fuzzy when it comes to showing skin during leisure moments.

You can never go wrong with a maxi dress, one of my favorite pieces to simply throw on during the hot and hazy days. Let's not forget, that I'm also a 5'8" stunner and have got legs for days (in my mind I'm a svelte 5'11" don't mess with me) so an art inspired mini dress was in the mix too!

Check out the Looks by LeBlanc below and how I balanced my budget with the following weekend pieces and a quick How-to on how you can achieve the same vintage look for less.

Saturday: Piet Mondrain inspired Mini
This dress cost me 7.00 bucks (so I had to pick up 2); fitting rooms and spending too much time inside of a store is just NOT my thing, so once I noticed that  my finger could touch get it....I threw on some flats and snatched up a vintage clutch to match!

TIP: Flats can downplay the "sexy" in any look...make sure you have a pair for everyday of the week this summer!

Sunday: Printed Maxi

Maxi dresses are great for backyard bbq's, museum trips and free concerts or a even store run but sometimes even a slender body frame can appear unflattering in this outfit-- I'm sure this has happened to other women as well-- and "belting" just about everything works for me! 

TIP: Whether it's a skirt that's too big, baggy tee, a blazer or  baggy blouse, a MAXI DRESS is no different. Make sure to rack up on all the skinny and colorful belts you can find this summer to complete a maxi dress look!

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