The NEW Albee Sq.: H&M Opens in Brooklyn

10:30 AM

H&M opens in Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall on Wednesday

The new store replaced the long-reviled Albee Square mall, which was torn down in 2007.
Yesterday, June 3, 2012 H&M finally unveiled its location during the noon grand opening located inside the new (and improving everyday) Fulton Mall---where us REAL Brooklynites like to reminisce and call the entire shopping strip "Albee Square" mall, may you R.I.P.--- This will be number two for Brooklyn, the first being Kings Plaza Mall in Mil Basin, Brooklyn

The action started at noon at the H&M shop, on Fulton St. — a 2 floor beachy hut designed by Cook and Fox as the first phase of a much larger City Point mall and residential complex.The old historical downtown BK building housed a mixture of old and new r&b with every famous brooklyn rap
verse sprinkled over dance, tribal and techno beats.Nelly clashed with Foxy Brown, Murder Inc met Iggy Azalea and Biggie was featured on everything....

Security was extra deep as the local Fort Green goons gave the new store a good walk through for new Tees and while I noticed price points made a significant jump; shopping through crowded summertime racks of neon shears and gold accents made the trip to the new Brooklyn store very worth it! 
Check out the look of the new store and the cool pieces I walked away with...

OMG! The lines were sooo long


Beyonce Swim Collection: 2 piece Leopard print Bikini $4.95, Gold Detailed Necklace: $9.95, Mixed Metal Bracelet set: $5.95, "Ear Wings" Gold Earrings: $5.95
Neon Pink Shear Medium Robe: $17.95
Neon Yellow Long Robe: $24.95
"The New Icons" Tee: $9.95

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