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As a natural hair diva---a black woman with curly girl problems (heck out a couple of my post about natural hair on Closetjane.com) I love any product that keeps the curly, kinky, coily's of the world in mind. The Doux (pronounced "Doo") is a line of natural hair care products designed for "smart chicks" with natural and relaxer free hair.

Creator, Mya Smith is the mastermind behind The Doux and her roots in haircare began over at The HoneyComb, a natural hair salon based in Kaiserlautern, Germany. A friend sent over an email asking "have you tried this?" and when I opened the email out popped a colorful goop of goodness. It's always nice to see a specialist expand their brand and Mya is described as a "Master Stylist and and Air force wife from L.A."  is doing just that by sharing her expertise by putting more goodness into the world one coily follicle at a time.
As a graphic designer, I love the pop art packaging of the bottles, they're so bright and colorful. it kinda makes me think of the funny sounds of "FOP" and "GOOP" when I look at them. I also love the curly puffs of hair floating around, adding a friendly touch, letting us know that each product was made with love and simply with brown girls in mind.
My most favorite part are the catchy names inspired by our favorite 90's hip-hop songs like "C.R.E.AM." "Electric Relaxation" and "Bonita Afro Balm" (I wonder if she had to cut Q-tip a check for some of those, hmmm)

In addition to The Doux products, Mya has recently launched a line of Doux Rags---how clever is that?!---a line of hair accessory wraps inspired by hip hop and street art. Each wrap is a mixup of funky images, bright colors and dancing patterns, super cute! I need to get my hands on a few of those. And would love to try a few of Mya's products which are currently available for online ordering. I'd also love to pop into Mya's salon---if EVER I'm in ummm GERMANY!


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