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Amazons x Super Weaves

Women sure have come a long way in the extension game, especially black women. Once upon a time there was a dark cloud that followed you if anyone ever suspected that you had in a WEAVE---the era of the "weave on", the "give the horsey back it's hair" era, the "bald headed hoe's" era, oooh child!. Today, not only have all women embraced the trend of being  a girl and up'd the anti with extensions enter the--- over 20inch indian Remy---super WEAVE! ::Place hands on hip, grins wide and pokes chest out::: 
The Reigning Queen (before she lost her edges) My Auntie, Naomi Campbell--- 28"

Back in the day weaves were so horrible because they looked horrible, but there really is a whole science to this extension game, from the braiding patterns, to weft sealing familiar faces like Victoria Gotti, the Kardashians, Naomi Campbell even Big Ang and any amazon over 5'9", some women have it mastered

Kourtney K. getting  spruce-up in Miami

I've noticed a new trend: super tall women and their extra long weaves. Its become almost normal to see black women with a weave in or assume that any woman of color, with long hair, instantly has in a weave. But actually (for a lot of black women) natural beautiful, curly and coily hair (see: "natural hair movement") is being covered up or "protected"  by silky straight hair--from another brown womans head! What's even better is watching those women gather in droves to talk about "girl, where'd you get your hair?!" ...."What is that, Malaysian?....nah girl it's Brazillian!" Yes, it's become a well kept beauty regimen instead of a taboo, self hating alteration over the years. 

Marlow Hampton after getting new extensions

Its now a very popular red carpet look for a lot of ladies, and they seem to pull it off extremely well. There's also a huge community of all girls (who are regular working class divas), college students, Tumblr babes and future basketball wives who invest in expensive weaves and extensions. 

Whenever you get a chance, please check out the 10th planet known as 

Here are some of my favorite Celeb's, and reality girls rocking over 20" 

Jennifer Williams- 20"

Willow Smith- 28"

 Victoria Gotti- 30"

Marlow Hampton-- 28"

Rihanna- 30"

umm...yes, I LOVE......Marlow Hamtpon-- 30+"

My Fav...

Azalea Banks- 30+"


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