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Lookbook Leaked Early
by: Amy S.

The fashion gods have come together to grant all us lesser followers with a little treat today. The Isabel Marant x H&M lookbook has leaked and everyone is scurrying to get their first glimpse of the designer collab. Let me just say, it doesn’t disappoint.
isabel 1
Most of the past collections haven’t had me nearly as excited as this one. Quite frankly, the Versace x H&M collection was all a little too gotti for my liking, and the Margiela collection was confusing to say the least. Not to mention that half the people feigning interest just wanted to pretend they knew about the designer, when the first time they actually heard about it was through Kanye's lyrics. I’m sorry, but quoting “where’s that jacket, Margiela?” doesn’t make you any more knowledgeable about fashion, so sit down. 
isabel 2
isabel 3
The Isabel Marant collab is so true to the designer’s aesthetic, screaming French-cool meets bohemian-cowgirl, making fashion lovers froth at the mouth. It’s effortlessly wearable but full of beautiful details to make them worth the price.
Mind you, some of the shoes are a little too pirate meets PayLess for me, but other than that, how can I complain about a textured sweaters, lace-up leather pants and detailed jackets? I’m all in for the collab. Check out more pictures below!
isabel 4
isabel 5
isabel 6

isabel 7
isabel 8
isabel 9
isabel 10
isabel 11
isabel 12
isabel 13

Originally Written by my IX DAILY colleague, Amy Seccareccia


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