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We're very familiar with a trend that has been apart of the BAPS community (Black American Princesses) since Lee’s Press-on Nails. In the 80's and 90's some women would'nt be caught dead in the claws that others proudly rocked along with a 2-finger ring. Fast forward years later and this trend has not only been resurrected but taken to new heights and spread across the globe for women of all ages, cultures and races to enjoy. 

"‘Round the Way Girls" near and far are sharing their aesthetic with everyone, from the 9-5 boardroom chick to the stay at home soccer mom.We’ve seen every median from pearls to candy to dollar-dollar bills ya’ll, in every manicurist’ toolbox and true downtown girls (with inner bad girls) will find every bright hue and material to place on their 10 tiny canvases. Now we can add engraved BRASS to that collection. Check out the one and only engraved brass nail shield full set by K/LLER

 So we know that I am nail art lover, but did we really need to bring it here? I mean gold foil and flakes were just starting to take off. We could've tried  brass shavings on top an already polished nail, first. Don't our nails still need to breath? and can that happen through brass metal?! I dunno, I just envision a massive amount of fungus where brass meets nail bed....ummm, no ma'am, not cute!

But then again, I'm sure the scientist of fashion and style have already animal tested this before enveiling to the public. On the upside, since the set is brass it means the nails have a shelf life and are resuable. i guess that's enough wiggle room to apply per special occasion.

If you girls are game and got some extra bills to drop on this decadent debauchery you can swing on over to barneys.com for a full $450 set. Some of us may give it finger for now…and simply adorn 1 at a time, if so you can check out the bargain basement of Needsupply.com for Middle #5. 

I think I may heading over to Needsupply.com myself, I need to debut this 1 finger at a time. Or be the first to try some brass shavings, hmm.


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