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The Boy Who Killed Fashion

Who in the hell died and made this dusty ass little boy the “fashion killa”--- then again that just might be a very fitting title. 
On the HBA (Hood by Air) Runway FW14

The father of fashion, Andre Leone Talley is somewhere clutching his Chanel pearls right now, poor Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are somewhere violently yanking out their silver hair and RIP to Gianni, who hasn’t had a good nights rest since Pretty Flacko’s rise to fame in the name of menswear.

You see, us brown folk---who don't know any better---stuck here in this land of the free and home of the brave already seem to operate from a deficit. You know, things that are due and owed to us are still being shyly asked for, then we jump up for joy when we finally get it and show everybody like “See, see! Ooohh Go Me, Go Me!

 I just want to throw a hairbrush at him

I take it that is exactly how A$AP may have felt when he opened his first gift box from Yves Saint Laurent and figured out a game plan on how to catapult his rap career:  “Imma be the next to…”

When did we okay a Rappers decision to completely change his ima…wait, sorry…. When did we make it okay for men to wear dresses in Hip-Hop, especially if he isn’t playing a bagpipe and kicking ass in Rugby?! I guess since A$AP can flag NYC on his back, follow in the footsteps of other Harlem Fashionisto’s like Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, and Cam’ron or can confirm that he’s Gotta Lotta Prada we can okay just about anything he decides to do next, huh

A$AP wearing HBA 

Let’s be clear, as A$AP Rocky has already requested, I actually try very hard NOT to judge his Charisma, I like Charisma. I never mistake his “Swagger”--- something that has made him the fan favorite. I just can’t help but judge what the hell he looks like: A grungy ass rapper making zero effort to properly wear Haute Couture.
It’s also hard to understand that just about a year before A$AP was a regular NYC kid wearing dingy air force ones, riding the Subway in Vintage Hoodies. As Kanye once put it: when you get money you simply become a more heightened version of who you already are. So maybe that’s why it’s just hard for me to look at him, I can tell he’s uncomfortable wearing those tight ass pants and leather dresses for the sake of a label---like Kanye (FYI when Kanye is wearing High Fashion clothing that fits, he’s just fine)
For the self proclaimed Fashion Killa, I simply feel that no matter how much 3.1 Lim he owns or the number of Ferragamo he’s photographed in he will never be as fresh as the Ready-To-Wear Rappers that came before him: Tupac bringing Versace on the hip-hop scene, Biggie reminding us that Coogi wasn’t just for Cosby and Nas, the 1 and only rapper [in my opinion] that can make any shade of PINK look better than Kim Minaj LaChappelle!

As I click through the Tumblr shrines dedicated to the sort, I see that A$AP has already been indoctrinated into the world of High Fashion. I may actually be the only person that feels this way, I even hear that one of my IX Daily colleagues feel the exact opposite and already drafting up a rebuttal! CHALLENGE! 
He’s already accumulated mounds of fine Italian clothing, snagged the super model girlfriend what’s next, sitting next to Anna Wintour, front row?!



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