NYFW: It's A Wrap!

10:35 AM

is Officially Over

Now that [Mercedes Benz] Fashion Week has taken it's operation back on the road. Next Stop: Paris! we can all now apply the inspiration and get back to wuurk! 

The last day of fashion week turned out to be the MUGGIEST & HOTTEST day of the month in NYC, leaving room for a lot of frustration. It was also the busiest day of the week for me, since I worked backstage at 2 shows, leaving one early to make it as a guest for the another!

Forget Front Row, I always have the best seat in the house as I get to see next seasons looks before the rest f the public, fresh out of the garment bags (well, I'm a few notch, under the Designer, The Technical Designer, the Merchandiser and the Stylists)

Here's some behind the scenes fun backstage at Fallon Jewelry. A punk and pretty aesthetic from designer of Fenton, Dana Lorenz, that were incorporated into the entire wardrobe from head to toe – something different for Fashion Week!

 Fallon Jewels laid out by Moi!

  More Fallon Jewels laid out by Moi!

My girl Dakota, wearing jewels  incorporated into the entire wardrobe from head to toe, literally!

 Our Dressing Sup., their Stylist, working out the timeline!

 I totally should've walked, They only had ONE brown girl and I was way taller than some of the other models! ;)


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