Step Dancers x Rick Owens

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Stomping Like Dem Big Dawgs

Rick Owens SS14'

Designer Rick Owens, got a little creative this season during Paris Fashion Week yesterday and instead of the traditional Waif strutting down the catwalk, Rick called upon a band of steppers to kick it into high gear. 

Paris fashion week is naturally known to display over the top Haute Couture pieces, but this takes the cake [at least for my eyes], and made this show a-whole-lot more interesting!

... and took to the runway.

The SS14 show displayed the traditional black, white and neutral pallete and of course the signature Androgynous/unisex feel, I'm also going to assume the pieces had a lot of movement as the steppers brought their A-game and looked right at home during the performance!

I hear the audience was very pleased and the fashion crowd displayed their interest going crazy with praise. Stepping happens to be a huge part of Black American culture due to being apart of a long rich African tradition. Stepping----like Gospel Signing---it draws movements fromAfrican foot dances, such as Gumboot, originally conceived by South African Miners drumming, which was banned by authorities. The stepping tradition in the united states grew out of song and dance rituals practiced by historically African American Fraternities and Sororities in the early 1900s. 

I think Rick broke a great barrier in high fashion, an industry where the loudest topic constantly falls on deaf ears. It was great to see him represent a culture that often gets overlooked. I think everyone's going to be talking bout this show,  for a long time, it has to be the most provocative and powerful thus far!

I snatched some images and video floating through Instagram, take a look.

Fierce Models

They marched down a metal staircase...

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