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Closet Jane & It Works Tees now available!

I'll be taking another stab at tee-shirt design again, this time scaling back! Some of you remember my FierceRumor Retro/Brooklyn inspired tees back in 2007, but  this time I'll be introducing the new Closet Jane Tee shirt Shop powered by, the online shop that allows you to host your own tee-shop! Currently the Closet Jane Shop will feature new Closet Jane basic tees as well as It Works marketing program tees! 

 It's a little aesthetically whack right now, but that won't affect your purchase at all!

BASIC TEES: "Everybody Loves a Brooklyn Girl" and "JANE: Brooklyn" Closet Jane Original Tees

I've been waiting on my tee to arrive so I could write this post and I just got my tee in the mail yesterday! (yes, I bought it) yaay! I couldn't wait to share and to let you know that you can also visit and shop through our Facebook page, simply "Like" us, hit the "shop now" tab and get your basic JANE GIRL GEAR today!!

To All of my fellow It Work Independent Distributors, this is a great one stop shop for your upcoming expos, loyal customers and wrap party incentives as well. Check it out the fun designs today!


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