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Brooke Candy x Diesel

While ratchets worldwide and future Bad Girl's Club hopefuls still pray and worship their deity Miley, some are gearing up to receive a palette full of Hard Candy. You could mistake this porcelain doll for Cyndi Lauper's granddaughter [like I did] rocking a head full of blonde cornrows but Rapper Brooke Candy is slowly unfolding onto the music scene in more controversial ways than one. Move over Kreyshawn, the white girl raunchy sex parade has a new face. We shall call her "The Hood rat Drew Barrymore".

Madame Candy prances through self directed videos draped in gold space suits, 90's nail art and oozes sex drugs and hip-hop. The same wild child gestures that allowed us to fall in love with other rough snowflakes like Lil Debbie and Iggy Azalea has grabbed the attention of Diesel's artistic director, Nicola Formichetti who is no stranger to pushing the envelope for an artistic spread, himself. Formichetti summoned the femme fetale to be the face of the brand's sexy Spring 14' accessory campaign stating that “As a rapper, performer, muse, and stripper, Brooke Candy is an artist who has unique access to every social level, she traverses class systems and defies racial and sexual stereotypes.” And I won't dare differ. 

Photo Credit: Inez and Vinoodh for Diesel

For the campaign, Brooke is featured side by side with London based curvy girl and artistic nude, Tessa Kuragi where the beauties were captured by the iconic duo Inez & Vinoodh striking racy poses against Diesel's premier leather and bondage inspired pieces---peep the harness embellished bag. Diesel keeps its traditional accessories alive with full view of signature pieces and materials such as leathers, studs and  biker gloves (on Candy) and leather booties (on Tessa). “Sexiness is one of Diesel’s most iconic attributes,” said Formichetti of Spring’s severe, heady look. “There’s something industrial about Diesel that is also very erotic, so it makes sense to push eroticism aggressively. It’s leather, so it’s tactile, sensual, and strong. It’s physical and also an attitude.” I like it!

Inspired by the Japanese rope bondage form known as Shibari, the spring collection will be hitting the stores just in time for the Holiday season, in November followed by an exclusive launch in Formichetti's native, Tokyo in the coming days. I mean c'mon; Brooke Candy- Check, Performance Bondage-Check, Bondage Accessories-Check, we see where this is going right? It's a no-brainer for Diesel to celebrate the line with a bashment featuring a complete performance by Brooke Candy with wall-to-wall fixtures of even more eye candy. I envision the most freakish of Cirque Du Soleil happenings and debauchery taking place. Eyes wide shut meets Cochella style. I'll definitely try to follow up with exclusives from the event, next week. But check out photos from the new accessory ads which is making it's 3rd exclusive debut right here!

(After Katherine K.  Zarella for I am officially the SECOND published author to introduce this story! Yayy!)


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