ART X STYLE: Kanye says Kim K's fashion is more influential than Michelle Obama

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Is Kim K. Vogue Ready
Kanye Strikes Again

"Maybe if she became more culturally textured and developed an innate interest in the arts--something outside of selling lollipops in Vegas and staging family dramas she'd have a shot. But right now, if she goes to the ballet, people think it's because her publicist old her to go."--Robert Verdi

Kanye West, can normal do no wrong in my eyes, However he's managed to make it really hard to defend his diarrhea at the mouth, once again! People can say a lot of things about Kanye, but we can't deny his passion for all things art. It's what allows us to give him a pass time and time again, it's the same same passion that when  allowed to breath and grow can  turn into amazing albums, thought provoking lyrics, paintings worth more than your college tuition and mortgage combined. Yes, my friends the man is a genius , but every now and then that damn level of passion gives this kid tunnel vision and brings forth the fantasy world  he's managed to create in his mind---one I didn't think had room for anyone else, but he's managed to squeeze Kim into that world as well.

On Tuesday, Kanye paid a visit to OnAir with Ryan Seacrest where another beautiful, brown and influential couple came under the zing of Yeezus. Are you ready for this?: the man had the nerve to blast Michelle Obama for gracing the cover of [American] Vogue, again saying that he and Kim Kardashian have more cultural influences than President and First Lady Obama simply because "Michelle Obama can't instagram a pic like that what my girl instagrammed the other day" Kanye went on to say "it wasn't about the suit, it was about the girl"

WTF?? I know, pick up your chin...

Ummmm Kanye, define "cultural influence" do you really f***ing think Kim's ass is ever going to be more trending than America's first black family?  Of course the Mrs. to the freaking Commander in Chief--of the richest country on the globe--is not going to Instagram her equally firm booty, she's the President's wife, you idiot!!
And to slam her effortless style while making your point was so damn tacky, Kanye. You may as well wear one of baby North's bibs to keep the wailing going for every other aspect of pop culture; ooohhh that's right, you HAVE done that already:

Kanye and Taylor Swift
Kanye's Gotta Go
Kanye on Kimmel
Kanye and the Paps

Did he ever stop to think that Kim Kardashian and the entire empire of the Kardashian clan are mainly a trending topic for other reasons "Urrgg, she's always taking her clothes off", "here she goes again" , "why doesn't she go be a mom". Ummm yeah, she's trending alright.

So, here's my take on it all: Kanye West truly does believe that he has earned his stripes to sit with the rich snobs. As he clearly explained on Kimmel, he'll never understand why old money turns up their nose  at those that respectfully do what they need to do in order to be incorporated into their world--think: a working class black person walking through Barney's. Hey, my money is good just like yours--- But like a lot of people [some of color, some on the bottom of the totem pole, some from other lifestyle etc.] Kanye West will never understand WHY rich snobs work so hard to keep their exclusivity, exclusive. 

You see, elitist work so hard to keep their money flowing between their own hands that anyone who dares to break through the glass celling is completely blasphemous. A reality star on the cover of the fashion bible?! Clutch the pearls! 

While Kim K. may indeed be influential to a certain demographic of people she may never be recognized by the very world she (like he) is so desperately trying to be a part of. Stay in ya lane! 

Keep in mind that West is happily indoctrinated into this world

It's no secret that Anna Wintour has created the image of American Vogue and we cannot really question her rules and regulations. A reality star--whose show is merely based on family drama--- not being on it's cover is one of them. Although Wintour makes exceptions now and again (remember NeNe Leakes gracing the ahem folded cover, with her New Normal cast. The reality superstar did, in fact, make the Vogue cover, just the flip side of it) it's definitely not a surprise that West' darling Kim K.  did not even get a consideration. 

So, why is Kanye so surprised,  I wonder. He dedicated an entire album to the shallow mindset of elitist and corporations, yet willing to shuck and jive  just be "considered" and "recognized" as a "new slave". You honor the Nubian queen that brought you to the place of education and Intellect (RIP Donda West) yet, bash the flawless image of the black first lady while prancing around with a tanned European (who will deny her African Roots but not that African D*ck)

At what point did Kanye West think he and his new brood will ever become cooler [to everyone] than the coolest President we've ever had? Shit, Kanye West actually became cool again when President Obama called him a "Jackass" back in 09.  And despite all of that Kanye still believes "Collectively, we're the most influential, especially with clothing" . right, if you're in to leather jogging pants! smh. I just can't


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