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Family style factor, Magic Johnson circ 1980's l EJ styles in Miami. Photo credit

I think everyone should get familiar with the new fabulosity known as EJ Johnson, I'm sure you've mistaken the Larger than Life fashion figure for Andre Leon Talleys' cuter younger brother, when in fact this fabulous 21 year old is the son of Basketball and business legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Earlier this year, EJ Johnson came out of the closet---at least to the public---  and has since been spotted all over the Hollywood via TMZ, Bossip but most importantly his Instagram page.  EJ crushes the competition carrying out personal style way better than some of ladies out there.  Accompanied by his younger sister Elisa,  cute best friend (who continuously gets mistaken for his boyfriend) and other young, rich friends, EJ leads the fashionable clan  by wearing furs, detailed sweats, "red bottoms" and  Berkins on any given day. I don't care what anyone says, CONFIDENCE brings out the most in every look and when I comb through EJ's page, that's the first thing that is shining bright, his confidence. I love anyone who can throw on a shown above in Miami.....and can still make it wurrrrk!

EJ celebrating his birthday with friends. Photo credit

I can appreciate that EJ dresses appropriately and knows exactly what works for him, he has his own unique style while wearing the latest trends. But the best part about following this young man's Journey is watching the recognition and praise he gets from his very masculine and dotting father. As one of NBA's most historic revolutionaries, I doubt Johnson's  parenting skills fell short as he repeatedly goes on record saying how much he loves and supports his son to the fullest. Earlier this week he expressed how much  "I LOVE hanging out with my son" while on the new Queen Latifah Show. In a very endearing way, Johnson reassured the fact, giggly lightly and shaking his head at the thought; indicated that EJ (like many gay and cross dressing men) is indeed great balls of funs!!
Magic and EJ hitting the red carpet in the 90's. Photo Credit
MEET THE JOHNSONS': EJ, Sister-Elisa, Dad-Magic, Mom-Cookie

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