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The "It Girls" Guide to Sketching

rough draft.

This past year, I blew the dust off my Art Station, went back to my roots and made sure I was consistent with a quality pencil and sketch pad. I found new styles and adapted a new technique by mixing my fine art world with my commercial art world and BOOM "Sketch-A-trend" was conceived! (I mean, that IS what my degree is in after-all)

This summer, "Sketch-A-Trend" led to commissioned worked, customized gifts, a new online port and artistic admirers/followers near and far! --yaay got me feeling like Virginia Alverez or Hayden Williams out here! --The goal is to gain as much internet notoriety as possible without having to pitch a reality show. (I mean C'mon you now us local It Girls are the real stars waiting for their big break anyway.)

Here are some of the latest pieces from the collections with more to come:

Also check out my new online portfolio for specific services, hiring and design inquiries:

Here's the most recent fan activity---who I'm a new fan of as well---West Coast It Girl and Stylist, Sonique O'Neil! [Of Bella Donna] She completely approved of her self portrait and showed much love for me during her signature #FashionFriday, saying...
WOW! I get online & I see myself tagged in this dope artwork by @seejanestyle I'm so inspired yet speechless.. This is what happens when you mix art & fashion it turns into something so magical thank you so much again & nice meeting you @seejanestyleyou've truly inspired me #FashionFriday#SoniqueStyledMe #Art #Inspiration

Be sure to keep up with her via her Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter @SoniqueStyledMe, she too is an awesome It Girl worth stalking. And be sure to shop her exclusive items via Bella Donna]


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