Sunday's Best: Inside Chanel

3:50 PM

Inside Chanel

Chapter 10 "Once Upon a Time" By Karl Lagerfeld

I originally planned on posting the final installment to the Inside Chanel series, but could not find the video anywhere! It cannot be found on or even on their YouTube Chanel. It was enough to make me just drop down and cry. I simply wanted to share the final episode to this romantic tale that we all know as the empire today, however I stumbled upon a fashion film, produced earlier this summer, by Karl Lagerfeld who puts a modern twist on Coco Chanel's early days in Deauville, Paris (as depicted in Chapter 5).

You will notice a few familiar faces, such as Stella Tenant and Keira Knightley, so I hope you can imagine yourself as an elegant Parisian Mademoiselle and enjoy "Once Upon A Time" as much as I did, on this cold NYC Sunday...


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