TREND LOVER: Lily Allen is a BITCH!!!

4:39 PM

Lily Allen- It's Hard Out Here

hahah, Gotcha! Of course Lily is not a bitch, I just needed something catchy to bring you in! 

But, yes, Lily Allen is at is again, one of our favorite singer/songwriters out of London town has melodically tackled social norms and sticking it to the industries pimpin' puppetmasters in her latest: Hard out Here.

Allen called on some of Hip Hops most recognizable Twerkers, found a little man to act as an executive "Goldstein" and reminded us that it is indeed hard out here for a today's illusion of an industry. I mean not much has changed, since Madonna and Britney's days so it's nice to see another champion reminding ummm...the Miley's of the world to "Always trust the injustice 'cause it's not going away".

What are your thoughts on this video? Did Lily hit the nail on the head with this catchy and sarcastic female anthem?


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