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The Black Ink Brand Goes Editorial

Black Ink Crew Magazine

While waiting for my flight in an Atlanta Terminal, I came across an Instagram plug via @dutchessofink 's feed. You know the name, that's right, the first lady of Black Ink Tattoo Studio in Harlem, NYC was in the middle of promoting the brands new venture, A Magazine!
While I stay committed to style and creativity and tend to write/bring forth articles dedicated to the such---but I do have "ART" in the moniker; and yes Ms. LeBlanc IS a body art enthusiast so sharing this story was  no-brainer---I am a fan of the show and a notorious tweeter, during airing!
Puma, Sassy Bermudez, Dutchess Lattimmore and Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Studios. 

The Black Ink crew takes the brand to higher heights as they are currently in the process of promoting their new magazine complete with pre-orders, model castings, [reality] celebrity cameos and an exclusive cover showcasing a lovely foursome, the original cast we've all grown to know and love during Season 1 of the VH1 debut.

I'm excited about this new project as it's always nice to see a black empire quickly growing, especially in an alternative world that was once dominated by an alternative white culture. And despite the nonsensical scenes of drama between friends that we see every Monday night, it's great to see the original team were able to put come together for this new venture....damn it blows EVERY alternative ending of this season, we've all already thought of, huh?!

You can keep up with more news about the new Black Ink venture by following the Magazine's Instagram page @BlackInkMagazine, visit their site or stop in their studio: 55 Lennox Ave. New York City

What are your thoughts on another Tattoo outlet for our community? Do you plan on supporting the Black Ink Crew's new venture?


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