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Kinna LeBlanc Sparkles:Eyes Wide Shut Style

It IS #TeamSag month and as I celebrated my 30th birthday, quietly on Tuesday, I was fresh off from celebrating with my Aunt as she Fabulously turned 50 and gearing up to take off again next week, to my paradise Hometown of Dominica---where I'll REALLY celebrate my earth strong---I'm going to try my very best to blog as much as possible, however so don't fret!

LOOK By LeBlanc

The Party theme was: Masquerade Ball with Egyptian Accents so here I fused together: 2 sequined Masks, Metallic Gold polish from the Maybelline Holographic Color Show collection, the Vintage Sequined Collar Blazer from the Closet Jane Rental Collection (ASK ME ABOUT IT!) and blown-out natural hair with Victory Rolls


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