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Queen Bey STINGS Again

Beyonce's 5th Studio Album, New Visual Album, 2014 World Tour!

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So right before I went to bed, last night, my little sister sends an exciting text about the latest Beyonce News. I wake up to see her beautiful mug plastered all over Instagram, iTunes and a new website layout that was streaming NEW MUSIC from her upcoming VISUAL ALBUM! aaahh!

14 Songs, 17 Videos and another reminder that this chick OWNS THE GAME!! With no officially signs of a new album even coming, and whispers from her 2013 world tour of a full on tour featuring new music with NO new album. I guess she has once again left us with our bottom lip hanging.

Currently available, for purchase, on iTunes and preceding another scheduled world in 2014 The almighty Queen Bey has seriously etched her name in pop culture stone, reminding us that her work ethic is truly sent from above---I can't say that for other Artist...umm, or maybe I just don't want to, Yes, I'm a Groupie! say something

Beyonce is the typical girl power anthology, mixing slow love drawls and dirty south 808's. In the past 2 hours....yes 2 HOURS.... I have read several of my Social Network feeds noticing mixed feelings from "colossal musical failure" to "Packed with Substance" and "Stunning"...yes, "Stunning" to describe the sounds coming through.

It's still too early for me to judge, but I WILL say that I appreciate when a GROWN WOMAN can speak TRUTH, musically...truth that we have NOT heard through most of her career beginning as the 16 year old lead singer of Destiny's Child.  It's okay if she's reverting back to the H-Town Parking Lot, after all she IS a woman over 30, married with child and aint no stranger to the cheef! 

I mean we are very conditioned to the almost perfect interview answers, the pristine image and operatic ranges of Ava Maria and Dangerously In Love aren't we? We can switch it up a bit, especially since she has musically earned her right to be ratchet!....Think about how we felt when Whitney Houston finally had a reality show. It DID take us some time to get the image of her singing "I Will Always Love You" in the body hugging white gown out of our minds while she was screaming "HELL-to the- NO".  So GET IT KING BEY!

Check out a few 30 sec snippets from the 5th studio/visual album, self titled,  Beyonce

"Yonce'": Featuring some of our favorite catwalk Killahs: Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joann Smalls

"No Angel": Living like a True H-Town girl

"Pretty Hurts": With cameos from the lovely models, Shaun D. Ross, Diandra Forrest and actor Harvey Keitel

"Drunk in Love": Another homage to her Mr. Carter....don't you love that her tresses are already growing back! Now that's Good Hair!


Did you just click "Buy" in Itunes like some of us? Are you JUST as excited as the rest of the BeyHive?? Did you Listen, were you bored or can Bey do no wrong??? Are you over Beyonce and thinks she needs to become a recluse and raise her child for a year or so???? 


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