STYLE: “Guess Who’s the New BALMAIN Woman???!!!!!!!”

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Rihanna's the New Face of Balmain 

Spring 2014

While waiting in a St. Marteen airport terminal, racking up international roaming minutes, I scroll through a very excited headline that read “Guess who’s the new BALMAIN Woman???!!!!!!!”

I mean, who needs PR, when you have Instagram, huh?!….

Anywhoo, if you’ve already guessed or heard, Rihanna has been ordained as the new face of the French fashion house, Balmain.

Headed by Creative Director and head designer, Oliver Rousteing the structured and regal brand that once draped the King of Pop for almost 20 years has a new edgy representation….Bad Gal Ri Ri herself and who better to continue representing such an edgy brand for Spring 2014, than this ever changing style bad ass. I’m almost certain we can expect and even softer River Island influence paired with the gilded glitz of the brands traditional aesthetic. Exactly what Balmain is known for. 

As she broke the news herself, earlier today, you could feel the excitement as her hashtags made no secret to the level of positive emotion, proclaiming: #MommaImadeIt #CaribbeanGalRunTings. Bup, Bup, lick shot!!

Rhi’s news was accompanied by a few flawless images from the new Balmain 2014 campaign, so I really look forward to seeing this Glamazon spread across the pages of a fashion editorial once again. The girl just CANNOT take a bad picture, she's almost visually perfect for any single brand urban, high fashion or otherwise. I can always appreciate when any model can be that SUPER and appreciate it even more when said model is brown AND island! Heehee ;)

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Balmain and Rihanna

What are your thoughts on Rihanna representing such a regal and nostalgic high fashion brand? does she have the chops to pull off all things HIGH FASHION? Are you Over Rihanna? 


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