WATCH: Ms. Lauryn Hill's Exclusive Thanksgiving Peformance

2:12 PM

Ms. Lauryn Hill Hits the Stage

1st Post-Prison Comeback Concert at NYC's Bowery Ballroom

The world [and Truest fans + supporters] patiently waited for the day we can sing and dance along to the prolific sounds of Ms. Lauryn Hill on stage once again. 2014 is heading in the right direction as Hill hits the stage in NYC, with her live band as she blessed and an exclusive audience with her musical talents and STYLE--Peep the shoes!--Thursdays performance marks the very firs performance for Hill after being released from prison for Tax Evasion. 

You just CAN'T keep a good girl down!

Thanks to my friends over at Partyzone + Mayumi Y. for the Video.


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