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The Katie Couric Show

NYC Fashion Bloggers x Tim Gunn

I took my 2nd trip over to ABC Studios to be a part of the Katie Couric experience only this time the other Blogger babes came with! That's right, this was a special invite from the good folks over at 1iota Tickets and our group-- The NYC Fashion Bloggers of Meetup.com--was specially invited as audience members in honor of fashion week; and a very special thank you to Jennie Rodriquez, the wonderful audience coordinator over at The Katie Couric show---nice right?!

Of course many of us signed up for the date which featured fashion consultant extraordinaire, Tim Gunn! And being in his presence just feet away from his regal voice, is enough for any stylista. My one dream is to be mentored by such a personality, whose effortless style and charisma remains as classic and timeless as the Chief Creative Officer's resume. He left us with some style tips but more importantly, anybody who can tell Anna Wintour where to go, is DEFINITELY a friend [in the head] of mine.

Check out photo's from today and Tim's segment:
You can't sit with us!

Simone S. of The Social Nubian and Akilah
With Simone S. x Akilah

 The Glamorous Chante N. author of The Closet Freaks

 I had to sneak snap a photo of Tim during the segment!

Tim Gunn's Top Style Tips:

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