When you're Invited...YOU GO!

3:22 PM

NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-up

at the Katie Couric Show

NYC is going through its 2nd deep freeze for the winter season, and this one I'm actually experiencing--whaaaaahhh. Buur, it's cold---but that does not stop the city from stylish bustling and it definitely does not stop us Style, Fashion and Culture Bloggers from doing what we do: STAYING FLY and ATTENDING EVERYTHING!

To help kick off NY Fashion Week in the coming weeks, I've booked a few show invites, have backstage operational duties to fulfill and as a member of the [new] NYC Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up Group, was invited to attend two tapings of the Katie Couric show...so,  I went! 

Here was the first taping, Thursday 1/23, where guest included Lauren Bush Lauren, Actor Richard Roundtree and HGTV's Sabrina Soto--I mean, where else can you get serious topics such as male breast cancer awareness and great style segments other than hanging with Katie!

Join me (and the other Blogger Babes) next week as I am super excited to sit directly across from Tim Gun!!
I brought Dr. Pantin with me; Surgeon by day, Stylish Wanderer by night!

fuzz meets fur
shearling meet socks
rubber boot, who gives a hoot
we were warm and looked hot!
                  - Kinna LeBlanc

 [outerwear] LOOK By LeBlanc

Coat: Vintage fox fur, 
Shoes: Rubber shearling chunky heels
Blouse: Vintage silk sailer button down
Jewlery: Chunky mixed metal necklace, vintage earrings


Ms. LeBlanc

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