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Beauty Oil 
Spilling the Truth

Hey Dolls! many of us have concerns when it comes to oils: too greasy? eh, causes breakouts, my skin is already oily! But I have a few tips and some surprising news to share that you may have been in the dark about.

Beauty oils not only hydrates but also cleanses, improves skin tone, helps find and fight signs of aging, and give you an overall glow from head to toe.

Virgin Olive Oil 

Pre-poo : Add warm oil to dry hair before shampooing, not entirely stripping the hair of all its nutrients while cleansing
Post-poo: Apply oil to damp hair for deep conditioning or as an overnight treatment.
Dry oils can be used during styling paying particular attention to the ends providing light weight sheen without buildup.
L'Oreal's Total Repair 5 Dry oil restores and reseals split ends for the silkiest strands.

          Moroccanoil treatment , Multi-restorative oil,   Argan-6-oil by Redken

Our natural hair sisters out there have invented their own homemade concoctions of hair and all purpose oils consisting of avocado oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil just to name a few. NaPtural 85 has an excellent recipe available on her YouTube channel

Seaberry Face Oil, by Fresh


Face oils can be used as or with facial moisturizers be sure to pat, not rub when applying. A few drop of facial oil seals the deal while providing the skin with all the amazing antioxidant anti-aging skin care.

NUDE Progenius treatment oil,  Pure Truth Vit C youth Activating Oil OLE HENRIKEN, Clarins lotus treatment oil

Anti Aging products 

Get the glow without the grease! There's facial oils that provide benefits for every skin type. In fact, even pore clogging sebum reduction gives the face a matte finish.

Oils can also be an effective yet gentle way of removing makeup and cleansing skin. (An age old Drag Queen secret!) I personally add some oil to my foundation or BB cream for extra moisture. Even use as a primer before make up application.

Tip: apply facial oils in order of density:
  • serum, first
  • beauty oil, second 
  • followed by moisturizer

Moroccanoil body buff, body soufflé and dry body oil

Especially during cold winter days our skin is begging for that hydration immediately after showering apply a few drops of oil to lock in moisture.
For extra dry skin during harsh climate you can mix a few drops of oil with your moisturizer. Swap your moisturizer for a dry oil, or one of my fav oil gels  for glistening skin. Most oils also have aromatherapy benefits, such as warm citrus to lift your spirits and lavender to calm you. Try MAC essential Care Blends
Vaseline Oil Gel, Jose Maran Argan Oil, Neutrogena Body oil

Extra Tips
Also apply beauty oils to your pulse points to prolong the life of your fav fragrances, 
throughout the day or night
After your mani/pedi add a few drops of oil over cuticle and nail bed for durable, high shine seal preventing chipping.

Now that's I've spilled the truth on Beauty Oils, what are you waiting for ??!!                        

thanks for reading!
- Akilah

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