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SCENTsation: Spring Fragrances

Let your Parfum Transport You

Although Winter's ugly head is continuously rearing, many of us are stocking up on spring trends and beauty items that will transition our winter woes into blossoming flowers. 

Vacation in a bottle
Cartier: Zeste de Soliel
Notes of exotic freshly squeezed passion fruit, infused with fresh mint and a hint of zuyu.

The perfect escape for the cold rainy and gloomy weather here in NYC. This parfum is ideal for Sunday brunch with your bff's while sipping tropical Mojitos in spring. 

Its vibrancy is best seen in the first hour of application, getting sweeter and fruiter, but still remaining within the heart of the original Eau de Cartier. The dry down more organic and clear, "an ode to simplicity"

Personality in a Bottle 
Tory Burch: Eau De Parfum
"Classic and unexpected, feminine and tomboy, easy and polished"

Wait, did Tory Burch just describe me in a fragrance?! You might be thinking, "walking contradictiction" but the "First Fragrance" by Burch starts with notes of grapefruit, cassis and neroli and transcends into a sweet subtle jasmine tuberose and peony.

Though feminine, this fragrance stands on a strong musky base as it finishes with vetiver, cedar, sandalwood "My father wore it...what I love about it is its very versatile and women can wear it as well " says Tory "Nostaglic but very modern" just as reflected with her signature fretwork design seen on the bottle.

Attitude in a Bottle
Elizabeth and James: Nirvana 
"Elizabeth’s uptown sophistication and feminine detail is paired with James’ laid-back, downtown edge and masculine tailoring."

Who doesn't love the Bohemian high fashion splendor known as the Olsen Twins. Elizabeth & James, one of the duo's many brands-- named after their remaining siblings-- presents two contradictory and dynamic personalities merged into one brand Nirvana White and Nirvana Black.

Both fragrances are describes as edgy and mysterious yet sensual. Nirvana White is a musky-floral fragrance comprised of peony, musk and lily of the valley while Nirvana Black is dark and woody with a more masculine flare. Both fragrances are an accord of violet, sandalwood and vanilla.

Classic in a Bottle

Chanel: Chance-Eau Tendre
"Ever changing, vibrant and unpredictable"

The 2nd classic fragrant of the Chanel brand has put a another twist their one of their signature parfumes. Chance, the "Ever changing, vibrant and unpredictable" scent offers a delightful youthful delight of airy fruits, providing a wave of pink pepper, lemon and pineapple. Floral composition and spicy additives provides a wave of freshness from this teeny round bottle. Afterall Chance does mean "Luck" in french.

Discover the surprising CHANCE CHANEL collection, and see it come to life in the playful new and interactive short film

Be sure to stock up on signature luxe scents for the spring season!

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