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Love Hangover Event

Press Taping 

This past Saturday I received a last minute invite to cover a fashion event--hear that? I'm considered "Press" OoWw--The Love Hangover reality show pilot taping/event hosted by five fabulous plus size models: Yumyum, Ask Mocha, Melissa Henrius, Toy Leslie, and Kymmi Tea who met each other at various NYC fashion shows, developed a rapport and noticed that all of them had much in common., their love of fashion, music, make-up, and modeling!  
                     Kymmi Tea                                                                           Model and Producer, Wendy

After leaving the StylistApp eventI showed up at the Prospect Park Brooklyn lounge, ArtCafe, flustered and in a rush under the impression that we were actually late for Love Hangover! Oddly enough, I forgot for a moment that I was attending a Brooklyn event; so 8pm was entirely TOO early!

However I was immediately greeted by long time industry colleague, Ms. Mocha, of Ask Mocah, published plus sized and radio personality and Kymmi Tea, Celebrity Make-up Artist, eye wear Designer, Comedienne and all around Brooklyn fly girl. The ladies greeted, [fellow personal style Blogger and my date fore the day] Chante N. and I with a warm embrace and thanked us for coming.
                      Model and Hostess, Toy Leslie

Later, I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with, the other hostesses for the evening and got a little insight about their journey into the world of plus size fashion and modeling. Some of the ladies, such as Wendy and Kymmi Tea, left Corporate America positions like 20th Century Fox and Viacom to fully do what they love in fashion and entertainment. Plus Size model Toy Leslie also balances a career as an independent consultant for Traci Lynn Jewelry  along with her modeling career. All the ladies brings something creatively diverse to the table as each  possessed unique personal style and creates an awesome dynamic by being culturally different black women
With Model and Radio Personality Ms. Mocha, of Ask Mocah

 With Model, Photographer and Radio Personality, Yumyum

The party went on as scheduled without a snatch and the small ArtCafe space quickly became filled with Brooklyn love. Guest were a mixture laid back artist, Plus sized models, BBW fashionistas and Brooklyn locals. We danced, laughed, speed-dated, and networked. Love Hanger over featured treats by Dyva D'Lights, Passion products by Capella and beauty consultancy by Too Many Stylez .

Time for Speed Dating: Ms. Mocha, Kymmie Tea and Melissa Henrius  

We definitely had a ball, although I could not a get a chance to participate in the raffle--darn--I enjoyed meeting some amazing ladies as they were all extremely enjoyable, entertaining and captivating "Fun, Fabulous, and Fantastic Friendships all rolled into one!", indeed.
While there once was a slow incline of Plus Size Models/Fashion reality shows creeping around the bend, like House of Curves, nothing really lasted long enough to create a buzz. After attending Love Hangover, meeting and getting to know the ladies--aaand being a reality TV show slave-- this would be one particular show of personalities,  that I wouldn't mind watching. Though it still may be a lengthy road for Plus Size modeling to break into mainstream fashion,   it is a thriving and untapped industry that could use more of a spotlight. I think it's time that we see more stylish BBW in mainstream media, not to mention more shows representing authentic Booklynites! I will be on the watch for this one, in the near future, and wish all the ladies much success.

Model, Stylist and Designer, Kymmi Tea rockin her original designs.

 BLOGGER BABES: With Chante N. and Jamilia C.

 With models Ms. Mocha and Brenda Joe

What do you think of Plus Size models and fashion?? DO we need to see more of it in mainstream media?

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