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With 2--out of 3 scheduled--snow storms out of the way, the fashion mood around the city struts on and Day 2 did not disappoint. Zimmerman (not George, but Nicky and Simone) started the day off with ladylike rebel pieces for every girl's inner classy and sassy. 

Normally know for her luxury swimsuits and resort attire I became mesmerized as fur pastels, sack dresses with cutouts, mary jane shoes and socks aligned with dainty bows accessorizing most of the looks that came down the ramp. Each model possessed a power and poise that could only be channeled through their flapper and vintage influence slick back hair do's

Mark x Estel
Anytime a runway show can make me feel like a bad mam-jamma in heels, they win! We should have know the Mark x Estel show would leave you feeling energized, by opening with an Indie rock band--consisting of 2 members.

The "Old World" themed show featured flawless and well structured looks which embodied old hollywood glamour. Mohagany meets Jackie O is what I like to call it. Models were accessorized with over the top Furs, flowy satin gowns, over sized felts hats and high splits. Plaids, tweeds, satins jumpers, cat suits and military hats were all infused in the Mark and Estel runway collection this season.

Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan

The evening closed with Jackie Swan's Emerson brand; a very kick-ass presentation of glamour. Models stoically presented each piece of lace, silk and flowy ballerina dresses with ease. The luxury of red carpet gowns were down played with combat boots, sans jewelry and war like purple corn rows.

Swan stuck with lavender as her "pop-of-color" as the shade danced in between most of the black-on-blacks, greys, black & white looks. Sheers, sequins and minimal texture allowed the well constructed pieces to stand on their own.

It was also a beautiful touch watching her 4 little ladies accompany her finale walk. All wearing checkered black and white Emerson school girl uniforms, colored hair, and Doc Marteen combat boots. Talk about Goth Glam!

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