STYLE: London Fashion Week

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The British Are Coming

London Fashion Week Invasion

When NY Fashion Week shoots across the pond, I always get lost in the happenings of NYC--of course, because I live here-- but I never get too busy to stay on top of the TOP SHOPPERS themselves, The Brits.  The British kids have awesome street style and I like to think of them as I think of  New Yorkers: coming from all over the world of culturally diverse backgrounds and all stopped here, to mixup-N-blend!  

Check out some of my favorite, vintage inspired, high end, wacky-tacky and layered winter street style from London-town.

So be sure to check back here all week as I highlight my favs, and the latest fashion trends that possibly won't get to us, until next season!

Photos courtesy of
Tommy Ton "The Street Style Don"

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