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Spotlight Saturday

Call Her Sein

I just met and fell in love with an African Style Comedy Queen!---I know, you're probably wondering how the hell can all of those attributes can even be rolled in to one---but once again, thank the networking Gods for our connectivity.

While surfing through Instagram I stumbled upon a beautiful face, known as Sein. The Kenyan [or Tanzanian] born personal shopper, model, celebrity stylist and all around fly girl captured my heart with her stunning beauty, awesome sense of personal style, her love for luxury and vintage #oldISgold (yes it is!) and more importantly her gorgeous 
I have no idea what the weather could possibly be like where Sein's located, but this girl has never skipped a beat when it comes to slaying each look, daily! 

Sein, is currently the face of Chéché Couture  and comes from very humble beginnings of wearing "slippers made of car tire and herding cattle in the village" has a light so bright that she's definitely inspired me in many ways. I wanted to spread her love with my readers-- it seems like her momentum is actually starting to pick up on the western hemisphere-- so please check out her page on Instagram @CallHerSein, get some stylish beauty inspiration, african  jokes and view her videos which are so funny, you will die!

Here are some more of my favorite looks from Ms. Sein...

With her father, Honorable Saoli Ole Nkanae 

Can someone say: AFRICAN QUEEN!

Doesn't she remind you of our girl, Sammy B. here?


Be sure to follow Sein, everywhere via @CallHerSein. 

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